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Joanna Gagnon

Joanna Gagnon
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Joanna Gagnon

Joanna Gagnon
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Educational Specialist Degree

Principal Licensure / Superintendent Licensure


Experienced educators with at least three years of teaching experience who currently hold a Master’s degree and a valid MN teaching license and who wish to become licensed as a principal or superintendent in the state of Minnesota while earning a post-graduate degree. Note: An alternative path is available for non-licensed teachers.

What You Learn:

The Educational Specialist degree is designed to provide Minnesota schools with the highest possible quality principals and superintendents. The goals of this program include the licensure of graduates with the academic and moral standards that epitomize the values of Concordia University.

How You Learn:

Online Format: This program is an online cohort. In general, you will finish one 3 credit hour course every 7 weeks. Face to face meetings are not required; however, a weekly one hour synchronous audio/visual chat is required. You will still complete one 3 credit course every 7 weeks.

Blended Format: This program is an accelerated 18 month cohort program. Curriculum is provided in a blended format. During each course, students will meet face-to-face as a group 3 or 4 times per academic session. On weeks that classes do not meet face-to-face, students will complete online activities and discussions in Blackboard to continue their coursework.

Career Outcomes:

At completion of the program as outlined below, you will earn an Educational Specialist degree and be eligible for licensure in the state of Minnesota as a K-12 principal or superintendent.

Degree Requirements:

Ed.S. Degree-Principal Licensure

Course Title Hours
ED 7001 Principal Leadership in 21st Century Schools 3
ED 7003 Principal’s Role in Instructional Leadership 3
ED 7009 Principal Internship (Independent Study) 6
ED 7004 Data Use and Analysis for Principals 3
ED 7007 Finance & Business Management for Principals 3
ED 7002 HR for Principals 3
ED 7005 Principals and the Facilitation of Change 3
ED 7006 Legal Issues for Principals 3
ED 7008 Ethics and Interpersonal Effectiveness for Principals 3
ED 7060 eFolio Review of Competencies 0
  Total Credit Hours: 30
Non Licensed Teachers Only:
Independent Study: Teaching Internship
  Total Credit Hours for Non-Licensed Teachers: 39

Ed.S. Degree - Superintendent Licensure

Course Title Hours
EdAd 7031 Superintendent Leadership in 21st Century School Districts 3
EdAd 7032 HR Issues for Superintendents 3
EdAd 7033 Legal Issues for Superintendents 3
EdAd 7034 School District & Community Relations/Superintendents 3
EdAd 7035 Data Use and Analysis for Superintendents 3
EdAd 7036 Critical Analysis of Public Policy for Superintendents 3
EdAd 7037 Superintendents and the Facilitation of Change 3
EdAd 7038 Ethics and Interpersonal Effectiveness for Superintendents 3
EdAd 7039 Superintendent Internship 6
ED 7060 eFolio Review of Competencies 0
  Total Credit Hours: 30

Please Note:

This is not an official schedule and your cohort may take these courses in a different order.

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