Ed.S. & Ed.D. Application Checklist

Please complete steps one and two to reserve your seat in the cohort:


Application for Graduate Admission

Complete and submit the cohort application by clicking the button.


Once your seat has been reserved, please follow the remaining steps to complete your admissions file:


Financial Aid & Payment Options

Determine how you plan to pay for the program: Financial Aid or Pay-As-You-Go.

If using Financial Aid, Complete the FAFSA. It is in your best interest to complete the financial aid process as early as possible.

If using a Pay-As-You-Go plan or paying tuition in full, click the button for more information.


Official Transcripts

Arrange for official, sealed transcripts of your Master’s degree to be sent to Concordia University - Saint Paul. For further instructions, please click the button.


Writing Sample

Ed.S:  Educational Specialist program students please write a statement (1-2 pages typed) covering your employment history and long-term academic and professional goals. 

Ed.D:  Those seeking admission into the Doctorate in Education (Ed.D.) program should submit a Master's level writing sample. A sample of work from a previous Ed.S or Master's program will be acceptable. 


Letters of Recommendation

Ed.S:  Please arrange for two letters of recommendation to be completed and returned to University of Concordia, St. Paul. To get started, click the button and enter the information for each recommender. Concordia University, St. Paul will email the form directly to the recommender on your behalf. One letter should be from a direct supervisor and the other should be from a professional in the field of education.

Ed.D: Students seeking admission to the Doctorate in Education (Ed.D.) program should arrange to have three letters of recommendation completed.


Current Resume

You may submit your resume directly to the Graduate Information Office online by clicking the button, or if you prefer, please email, fax, or mail your resume.


Interview with Program Director

Once your admission documents have been received, Concordia University - Saint Paul will contact you to schedule an interview with the Director of Credentialing.