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Student Application Checklist

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Taylor Wigboldy

Taylor Wigboldy
Graduate Information Office

Thank you for your interest in Concordia University’s off-campus master's programs.

To reserve your seat in a cohort we will need your application and $50 application fee. These items are found in Steps 1-2 and can be completed by clicking the button(s) next to each step.

To expedite processing, please use the online forms to the right whenever possible.


Concordia University strictly limits enrollment in each program to 27 students and accepts reservations on a first-come, first-served basis.

Additional Forms & Resources

Questions? Please call us at (800) 718-4235


Download Full Student Information Packet

Please complete steps one and two to reserve your seat in the cohort:

Step 1: Application for Graduate Admission

Complete and submit the cohort application by clicking the button to the right.


Step 2: Application Fee

Please click the button on the right to submit your non-refundable $50 application fee.

Application Fee

Once your seat has been reserved, please follow the remaining steps to complete your admissions file:

Step 3: Financial Aid and Payment Options

Determine how you plan to pay for the program: Financial Aid or Pay-As-You-Go.

If using Financial Aid, Complete the FAFSA and Concordia's Supplemental Financial Aid Application. It is in your best interest to complete the financial aid process as early as possible.

If using a Pay-As-You-Go plan, click the button to the right for more information.

Financial Aid
Payment Options

Step 4: Official Transcripts

Transcripts are required from each college or university (including community colleges and schools you transferred credits from) that you have attended. Please review the Transcript Release document by clicking the button to the right.

Transcript Request

Step 5: Essay on Educational & Career Goals

C&I, Ed. Admin. & Ed Tech. Programs: Please complete a 500-750 word essay describing your reasons for seeking admission to the Masters degree program, your goals for this degree, and your career objectives.

School Counseling Program: In a 2-3 page autobiographical, typed essay, please describe your reasons for seeking admission to the School Counseling Program.


Step 6: Two Reference Forms

Please arrange for two letters of recommendation to be completed and returned to Concordia University. To get started, click the button to the right and enter the information for each recommender. Concordia will email the form directly to the recommender on your behalf.

Reference Forms

Step 7: Program Specific Requirements

School Counseling applicants only: Resume and CBEST card. You may submit your resume directly to the Graduate Information Office online. You can upload your resume by clicking the button to the right.  You may also submit your resume and CBEST card by email or fax.

Ed. Admin applicants only: Verification of Experience Form and CBEST card. Your verification of experience form can be printed by clicking the button to the right.  You may submit your verification of experience form directly to the Graduate Information Office.

Upload Resume
Verification of Experience

Please Note: A copy of your teaching credential is needed before you can begin the program. Concordia University will obtain a copy of your teaching credential for you prior to beginning the program as long as it is available from California Commission on Teacher Credentialing. If it is not available you will be required to provide a copy.

You will not be eligible for financial aid until you have been accepted to the university.