School Counseling Master's

Program Overview

The School Counseling Program is designed to prepare graduates who are competent to work as school counselors in elementary, middle school, and high school settings. The program of study meets all certification requirements of the State of Illinois. Upon completion of the program, graduates are eligible to apply for certification (Type 73) as a school counselor in Illinois.

Program Highlights & Benefits:

  • Classes meet one night a week, same night for the entire program
  • Holiday breaks
  • One course completed every 8 weeks

Program Objectives

  • Designed for individuals looking to become a licensed School Counselor in grades K-12
  • Understand the school environment and be able to structure programs to meet the needs of students, the school and community
  • Develop a multicultural perspective and be able to demonstrate appropriate counseling and consulting skill when working with diverse groups of people
  • Establish a professional identity and become actively involved in the counseling and school counseling profession
  • Clarify the role of school counselor and counseling programs in relation to other roles and services in the educational setting
  • Prerequisite of 12 earned credits in psychology and/or sociology (C or better)
  • 2 tracks available – Track 1 for those with a valid professional educator license, Track 2 for those without a professional educators License. Track 1 - Must hold a standard teaching certificate. Track 2 - Passing scores from the Test of Academic Proficiency (TAP)
  • Track 2 - Completion of the following three courses with demonstrated competencies. These courses are required, in addition to the 48 hour portion of the program, and must be completed before taking practicum and/or internship: EDU-6425 Psychology and Methods of Teaching the Exceptional Learner, PSY-4430 Affective Education, PSY-6505 Psychological Theories and Educational Processes

Areas of Study:

Course Title
CED 6000 Introduction to the Counseling Profession
CED 6010 Counseling Theory and Practice
CED 6045 Ethics, Law and Morality for Counselors
CED 6015 Counseling Techniques and Interventions
CED 6035 Counseling and Human Development
CED 6230 Evaluation and Research for Counselors
CED 6220 Counseling and Consulting Schools
CED 6055 Multicultural Counseling
CED 6240 Group Work in Schools
CED 6020 Career Counseling and Education
CED 6250 Fundamentals of Assessment
CED 6920 Practicum: School Counseling
CED 6925 Internship: School Counseling
CED 6210 School Counseling Program Development and Organization

Masters Capstone Experience:

All students in Concordia’s school counseling program will complete a written portfolio. A portfolio is a collection of work that demonstrates growth toward, and understanding of professional standards. During the practicum portion of the program, students will construct a comprehensive developmental program that could be implemented and will increase student’s success in multiple domains. The portfolio developed should be something which students can use in their future career as a school counselor.

NOTE: This is only an introduction of the program. You are responsible to review the Graduate Catalog for program details.