Instructional Design and Technology (MS)

Program Overview

The field of instructional design and technology seeks to understand how people learn and how to best design, integrate and evaluate instructional systems and materials to facilitate that learning. Through applied research, students can create and enhance learning experiences and systems for academic, corporate, non-profit, or government settings. This Master of Science program is for people who want to change the world through research, creativity, and innovation. From enhancing medical training technologies to designing educational apps, instructional designers are essential for organizations that wish to leverage technology for learning in a dynamic world. Concordia University Chicago’s online MS in Instructional Design and Technology is ranked ninth in the U.S. by Concordia University Chicago is the only university in Illinois and one of the few in the Midwest to receive an ranking in this area of study.

Program Objectives

  • Apply learning theory in the development of instructional strategies to meet defined learning outcomes.
  • Identify, apply and evaluate instructional design methods and principles in learning systems architectures.
  • Effectively manage and lead instructional design project development in a changing environment.
  • Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the role of instructional design and technology as it relates to human performance.
  • Utilize learning analytics to support data-driven decision making critical to change and improvement.
  • Contribute to the improvement of instructional methodologies and development of learning innovations through research.

Areas of Study

Course Title Units
IDT-6100 Foundations of Instructional Design and Technology 3
IDT-6300 Instructional Strategies for Learning Technologies 3
IDT-6200 Social Computing 3
IDT-6400 Needs Assessment and Task Analysis 3
IDT-6500 Project Management for Instructional Design 3
IDT-6600 Systemic and Technological Innovation 3
IDT- 6700 Human-Computer Interaction and Multimedia Design 3
IDT-6800 Learning Analytics and Data-Driven Decision Making 3
IDT-6250 Evaluation Methodology Applications in instructional Design and Technology 3
IDT-6990 Capstone in Instructional Design and Technology 3
  Total Credit Hours: 30 Units

NOTE: This is only an introduction of the program. You are responsible to review the Graduate Catalog for program details.