Early Childhood Education Master's

Program Overview:

This program is directed toward the preparation of educators who desire to become an accomplished early childhood teacher, an early childhood administrator, an early childhood public policy and advocacy specialist, or an early teacher educator/researcher.

This program is designed to provide students with a strong background in child and language development, family and community relationships, assessment, research, theory and practice, birth through age eight programs within a variety of educational settings: public and private centers and schools, adult and community-based educational settings, and other for- and non-profit organizations.

Program Highlights & Benefits:

  • 2 year completion time
  • Summer & holiday breaks
  • One course completed every 8 weeks
  • Classes meet in an online format or on campus

Program Objectives:

  • Strengthen theoretical understandings of early childhood education
  • Increase knowledge of human growth and development with emphasis on the young child
  • Strengthen expertise in the instructional and curricular practices of early childhood education
  • Develop skills in administration and organization of ECE programs
  • Develop advocacy skills in supporting the development of families of young children within their communities
  • Obtain LBS I or ESL Endorsement with additional coursework
  • Must have 2 years early childhood experience

Areas of Study

Course Title Hours
EDU 6100 EC Curriculum and Content, Ages 3 - 5 3
EDU 6105 Observation and Assessments 3
EDU 6320 Child Development and Ethics in ECE 3
EDU 6120 Developmentally Effective Instruction for Diverse Learners 3
EDU 6110 School Age Curriculum, Ages 6 - 8 3
EDU 6115 Infant and Toddler Curriculum 3
EDU 6170 Professional Leadership and Advocacy in EC Education 3
EDU 6160 Child, Family and Multicultural Community 3
EDU 6190 Practicum and Research in Early Childhood Education 3
EDU 6180 Trends and Issues in EC Education 3
  Total Credit Hours: 30

Masters Capstone Experience

The capstone experience for Early Childhood Education is in the Practicum and Research in Early Childhood Education course. In the capstone course candidates will demonstrate proficiency on all National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) advanced standards by designing a culminating project. This culminating project allows candidates to demonstrate their proficiency, knowledge, and skills in child development, family and community relationships, assessment, developmentally appropriate practices, leadership, and advocacy as they experience teaching and learning with young children from birth through age 8 in various early childhood settings.

NOTE: This is only an introduction of the program. You are responsible to review the Graduate Catalog for program details.